a weekend harvest

1. lily on fire island, 2. Apples, 3. My Neighbor the Painter, 4. Cheers to Your Weekend, 5. Bike bell, 6. family, 7. Backyard, 8. oceanside, 9. Napkins and Kitchen Towels, 10. Untitled, 11. Fall basket with pears, 12. 46:365, 13. i walk the earth with my bare feet, 14. waders and coats, 15. Untitled, 16. As you wish…


They say the seasons are changing but you might not know it, depending on your demographic. Regardless, it’s collections like these that warm our hearts. We are loving all the amazing images that you upload to our Flickr group every day. There are over 400,000 awesome shots that you all have shared with us. That is sweet! Keep them coming!

Share your bounty of goodness with us this weekend and tag your images #shuttersisters whether you’re using Flickr or instagram. We love it all.

Today’s prompt: harvest

Sunday’s prompt: words


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