with meaning….

Do you ever question why you are taking pictures? Does it ever feel like you are just going through the motions? This feeling hits me…now and then…..It comes in waves… and then it goes… the ebb and flow of creativity I suppose….

I find it helps to shoot with purpose… the goal… to create a meaningful picture.

I’ve been doing a lot of vision shooting lately. I have a vision in my head; a picture or a mood I want to create… some days it comes together, others not so much. I may see an image that sparks an idea… or perhaps it’s a feeling I want to portray… In my photo up top I was trying to share my mood…..a little uncertain, a little sad…. a little unsure….

Tell us… show us… how do you bring meaning to your photos? What works for you? Share with us today….


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    When I feel a jolt in my mind and my heart, I know that it's picture time… so my camera is always at the ready to capture all moments great and small. I bring meaning to my photos by keeping my vision genuine and my purpose true… my goal is to capture the beauty and humor of life and to share those reflections with others. My hope is to inspire, but even if I have no audience, I have already inspired and enriched myself. My favorite work can be found here ~ https://www.facebook.com/BeyondVision.MeganBelcher/photos :)

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    Beautiful capture, Kim! I often shot in a very calculated manner….seeing something in nature, thinking about the best composition, lighting/time of day or year in which to best capture it. In the example below, I was working in an opposite manner, as I had written a short essay and wanted the perfect photo to go with it. A photo that would enhance the meaning of my words. When we had huge thunderheads one evening, well I knew that they would supply the perfect companion image. So, I guess it was still intentional, vision shooting just in reverse.


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    Hello Kim, lovely image, the simplicity of it communicates your vulnerable mood perfectly.

    I think it's a very rewarding feeling when you succeed in capturing and conveying your vision and idea.
    But to me personally it can also be pretty frustrating when I don't…
    I sometimes have a picture and mood in mind and then work towards it, wait for the right light, change and re-change set-ups. Sometimes I buy props specially with a picture I have in mind, and sometimes it's the other way around, props, things, thoughts, moods… inspire me. Sometimes I wake up with a picture in mind.

    It was you who showed me the way to the i-Phone, I'd like to thank you for that! That fabulous device made me a more "impulsive" and thus a more versatile photographer which recently even resulted in a few Instagram selections from Shuttersisters.. Oh happy days! That feels soooo good! Lately I'm starting to use it for set ups too…

    My i-Phone work on IG can be found @marl1een, other work mainly on http://www.fotoblur.com/people/marl1een

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