time traveling

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”

Today I decided to write my post and take a trip back in time. We carry our cameras with us almost everywhere, yes? Even if you are not intentionally shooting a 365 project, chances are you still pick up your camera or iphone almost daily.  Last night I decided to click through my library and see what my lens captured on this very day, September 5th, the past 3 years. Where would this little trip in time take me? What would my images make me feel? Would I even remember why I took the shots?  Most days I can’t remember what I ate 3 hours ago, but when I click on an image it takes me right there. Each click we are photographing a memory. 

Here is what I found.

September 5, 2011: a trip to the beach the day before 2nd grade. a fitting farewell to a beautiful summer.

September 5, 2010: a night at the playground.  these 2, they really love each other.

September 5, 2009: his chubby little hands drawing rainbows.

Today take a trip through time and archives and share a memory here today. What did your lens focus on last year at this time?  How about the year before that? Share your links in the comments.

Speaking of time, have you seen Photojojo’s Time Capsules? Twice a month they send you an email with photos you took one year ago from Flickr. SO FUN. And hey, they are FREE!

Join us and celebrate time, the past and the present. Don’t forget to tag all images with our new hashtag, #shuttersisters !


  1. says

    love this prompt K.

    last year…
    Making a birthday crown for my girl's 1st birthday.

    2010, waiting patiently for the girl to come into the world and watching my boy become less of a baby

    2009, celebrating my boy's first birthday

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